Kính gửi Quý khách hàng,
4Ctech xin trân trọng thông báo phiên bản vá lỗi mới progeCAD 20.0.4 đã chính thức được phát hành, với nhiều cải tiến và khắc phục một số lỗi của phiên bản phát hành trước đó. Khách hàng có thể cài đặt bản progeCAD update ngay trên phần mềm của mình.

Đối với tất cả khách hàng đang sử dụng phiên bản progeCAD 2020 professional đều có thể cập nhật bản vá lỗi này miễn phí.
Quý khách vui lòng cập nhật lên phiên bản mới nhất này để sử dụng được tốt nhất.

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Những cải tiến ở bản cập nhật 20.0.4 của phiên bản progeCAD 2020 như dưới đây

  • Changed default color of CROSSINGFRAMECOLOR and WINDOWFRAMECOLOR to white
  • Fixed display of text in block with frozen layer
  • Fixed crash activating/deactivation GRID in a viewport
  • Enabled SNAPALLVIEWS variable to avoid crash using ESNAP+POLAR after change to layout, forced to 1 at start time
  • Fixed PASTEBLOCK with NWUCS, fixed insertion point parameter after changes
  • Fixed TRIM using edge of text and mtext
  • Fixed MOVE of dimensions, fixed associated entity extracted from ESNAP
  •  Fixed Center option of CIRCLE command with dynamic input ON
  • Fixed crash using PUBLISHKML with a peculiar file
  • Fixed display of selected cutting edge entities after execution trim
  • Fixed DAEOUT e PRINT3D e STLOUT commands
  • Fixed crash deleting layers in explorer
  • Fixed crash in “add vertex” item in hatch grip menu
  • Fixed crash avoiding exception in dimstyle combo
  • Added “RAL CLASSIC.acb”
  • Changed Popup’s Type into [Yes/No/Cancel]
  • Updated BCLOSE command in order to handle options from updated popup: – Yes: Save changes – No: Discard…
  • Fixed exception in LWeight combo box
  • Fixed crash changing active dimstyle
  • Fixed exception using STEPOUT command
  • Fixed crash getting area of hatch with malformed spline as boundary
  • Fixed crash with hatch grip context menu
  • Fixed crash related to DIMLAYER combobox
  • Removed XREF dependent blocks from BEDIT list
  • Fixed PASTEBLOCK command with attributes
  • Fixed stretch of polyline’s arc segments on their own starting/ending grips creating a really huge arc
  • Added ORTHO in PAN when shift is being pressed and orbit sphere is not triggered
  • Added support for crypted color book acb files, Added new RAL and PANTONE acb files
  • Fixed PICKADD variable seen as boolean and not as a tristate variable in _OPTIONS > selection tab
  • Fixed dimension style in BEDIT session
  • Fixed current styles in BEDIT session
  • Fixed Keywords List of -COLOR
  • Fixed _OPTIONS > Clipboard > “AutoCAD 2013 – AutoCAD 2017” check not working
  • Fixed _COPY taking long time creating EMF and WMF files when zoomed in
  • Added “Edit” command to Context Menu of Filters Tree in Layer Filter Properties
  • Removed External Reference from Block list in Insert Block Dialog
  • Removed External Reference from Block list in Block Dialog
  • Fixed crash opening a drawing with REVIT underlay
  • Fixed load of RCP files
  • Added EXPBLOCKSCLOSE command in order to close Blocks Explorer Palettes
  • Fixed TDINDWG variable
  • Removed preview of point cloud in explorer to avoid hang
  • Reduced GDI objects leaks in EATTEDIT dialog
  • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Settings Dialog
  • Reduced GDI objects leaks in 3D Tab in Settings Dialog
  • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Entity Modification Tab in Settings Dialog
  • Reduced GDI objects leaks in Entity Creation Tab in Settings Dialog
  • Fixed height of mtext in property palette
  • Fixed crash using QSELECT option in SELECT command
  • Fixed position of cursor clicking in mtext editor
  • Removed DGN option from _NEW command
  • Fixed change of color of 3d solids imported by IGESIN/STEPIN
  • Fixed “Save Pc Info” button in _HWCONFIG dialog not working on windows 7 (removed quotes from output file name)
  • Fixed import of MNU/MNU files that contains label with “**”
  • Added ability to disable “automatic numbering” with variable MTEXTDETECTSPACE, Automatic Numbering now is enabled only with ‘1’ or ‘a’ or ‘A’
  • Fixed display of folder name in open/save dialog
  • Fixed number of isolines visible on some curved 3d solids in 2d wireframe
  • Preselected images in IMAGE dialog to reflect active selectionset
  • Fixed PREFIXSUFFIX command, added vl-load-com to enable vlax function used
  • Reduced GDI objects leak in SETTINGS command’s Dialog: – Handled Property Sheet Icon Resource
  • Aborted open transactions before save to fix problem of drawing “Saving_with_errors”
  • Fixed save of drawing after cancel of DWGPROPS command
  • Reduced GDI memory leaks in TABLEDIT command’s Dialog: – Handled Button Icons
  • Reduced GDI memory leak in HATCH command’s dialog: – Improved Pattern Tab
  • Fixed crash on selection of entities
  • Fixed _REFEDIT preview dialog having strange Windows 7 alike style
  • Fixed too long color combobox dropdown length in property palette
  • Fixed _CENTERLINE > Extension > Amount option not taking enter without modifying the amount
  • Added “Back” option in _CENTERLINE > Extension
  • Removed memory leak in Tool Palettes when switching tab
  • Fixed crash in _EATTEDIT command editing multiline attribute in the list
  • Fixed QDIM ordinate function with NWUCS
  • Removed memory leaks in Color Dialog
  • Added outputfile parameter in pc info button in _HWCONFIG dialog
  • Fixed “Save PC Info” button in _HWCONFIG dialog not working on windows 7
  • Fixed Isolate objects left click on status bar
  • Fixed custom menus having different style in status bar
  • Fixed Refedit with NWUCS
  • Made long layer names fit inside the layer combo of property palette
  • Improved prompt menu’s title dimension
  • Added multicore configuration to HWCONFIG dialog
  • Removed memory leaks of GDI Objects in Open/Save/New File Dialog
  • Implemented MULTICORE -3 value to disable 1 core of cpu, added reactor to change it without closing the cad
  • Fixed speed of creation of entity after autosave of drawing version 2013
  • Fixed crash closing drawing after edit of associated dimension
  • Fixed memory leaks in property palette
  • Fixed use of dynamic blocks in tool palettes
  • Fixed selection of attribute to edit with double click, fixed NENTSELP and NENTSEL function
  • Fixed multiline attribute edit, restored old dialog based interface instead of inplace editor
  • Improved speed of draw of grips, added timeout to display grip menu (GRIPMENUTIMEOUT)
  • Fixed insert of XREF in DXF file
  • Fixed availability of various status bar panes
  • Restored column features in MTEXT editor
  • Fixed crash in hatch command
  • Fixed exception using UNDO after REFSET add, it was caused by refedit preview dialog
  • Fixed vla and vlax functions
  • Fixed selection of text with MTEXTFIXED > 0
  • Fixed esnap node in block with Point entity
  • Improved Stability of Create Linetype Dialog
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